Law of succession

In the Hungarian legal system, inheritance is a universal succession, i.e. the testator’s estate as a whole – the existing assets and any debts – are transferred to the heir or heirs. It is important to know that the debt is not more than the value of the estate, i.e. it is not possible to inherit only debts or debts greater than the value of the inherited property. Inheritance is either by testamentary disposition (e.g. will, testamentary contract, gift on death) or by the legal succession order. Under the new Civil Code, a competent person may need to be consulted on a number of issues covered by the concept of succession. The rules of succession law are set out in Book V of the Civil Code.

With many years of experience and up-to-date knowledge, I can assist you with the following non-exhaustive list of succession law issues and related procedures:

  • legal advice on succession
  • drafting, countersigning and depositing wills
  • inheritance contract
  • making a gift in the event of death
  • representation in probate proceedings

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