Today, in the current economic climate, the proper and competent management and collection of receivables is of utmost importance. Choosing the method of enforcement and the appropriate procedures for successful and cost-effective recovery requires complex knowledge and assessment of the circumstances. These procedures, such as an order for payment, litigation, winding-up proceedings, enforcement, all cost money and each is effective under different circumstances. From the simplest case, starting with a letter of formal notice from a lawyer, to the more complex enforcement proceedings, to the drafting of documents such as the statement of claim, preparatory documents, order for payment, etc., the assistance and legal representation of a lawyer is essential and my experience allows me to help effectively.

The main rules on enforcement are set out in the following legislation:

  • Act CCXXXVII of 2013 on credit institutions and financial undertakings,
  • Act LIII of 1994 on Judicial Enforcement,
  • Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code.

Would you like to arrange your legal affairs online?

To ensure efficient case management, my practice offers the possibility of in-person case management based on remote identification.
This means that time pressure, geographical distance or illness do not limit or prevent you from dealing with your legal affairs efficiently and conveniently.

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