Condominium matters

Under the common name the condominium bears, the community of co-owners of a condominium may acquire rights and assume obligations, sue and be sued independently, exercise ownership rights and bear the burdens of common property, in the maintenance of the building and the management of common property.

There are many legal issues that arise in the operation of a condominium, and a lawyer with the right experience can help.

The legal regulation for the condominiums is provided by the current Act CXXXIII of 2003 on Condominiums.

In this area, I offer my clients the following services, which are not exhaustive:

  • preparing the deed necessary for the registration of the fact of the preliminary establishment of a condominium,
  • drafting and amending the articles of association of a condominium
  • sale and purchase agreements for the sub-units to be separately owned,
  • preparing and amending the organisational and operational rules, house rules,
  • drafting documents and conducting procedures relating to the creation or cancellation of mortgages,
  • enforcement of condominium claims, common charges receivables,

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