Company law

The concept of company law is a difficult concept to define. It covers everything from the formation, operation and transformation of a company to the procedures for its dissolution/termination. In these proceedings, in addition to the drafting of the articles of association, the advice of a lawyer experienced in company law can be of great assistance in organisational, operational, enforcement and tax matters.

The main laws governing the rules of company law:  

Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code,

2006 Act V of 2006 on company registration, court proceedings and winding-up

For all your company matters, please feel free to contact me for the following non-exhaustive list of corporate and company law issues and related procedures:

  • advice on company law
  • company formation
  • amendment of a company’s article of association, statutes or instruments of incorporation
  • modifications of the company
  • legal compliance procedure
  • winding-up
  • liquidation
  • legal representation of companies

If you have any questions about your company, please contact me using one of the contact details in the Contact section.

Would you like to arrange your legal affairs online?

To ensure efficient case management, my practice offers the possibility of in-person case management based on remote identification.
This means that time pressure, geographical distance or illness do not limit or prevent you from dealing with your legal affairs efficiently and conveniently.

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