About me

Dr. Esztergomi Éva Erna attorney at law  

“confident support, competent representation”

I studied law at the Faculty of Law and Political Sciences of Pázmány Péter Catholic University

During my internship and traineeship, as well as after passing the bar exam, I gained considerable experience as a lawyer in providing high quality professional representation to clients in both extra-judicial and litigation proceedings.

My practice allows me to meet the needs and manage the cases of not only Hungarian but also foreign clients, thanks to the knowledge of English, Dutch, Chinese and Greek.

For me, being a lawyer means providing high quality professional representation and advice, i.e. confident and competent legal support.

Would you like to arrange your legal affairs online?

To ensure efficient case management, my practice offers the possibility of in-person case management based on remote identification.
This means that time pressure, geographical distance or illness do not limit or prevent you from dealing with your legal affairs efficiently and conveniently.

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